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Why the World Needs Another Dating App

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It’s tough to put yourself out there. It’s tougher when putting yourself out there means using the same old apps to get tired pickup lines and no results. We get that. So, we set out to create a dating app all about one thing: dates.

Current Dating Apps

We believe shared experiences are the core of strong relationships. In a perfect world you could choose a date, and someone would show up with no hesitations, ready to share your excitement! Instead, most app-generated dates these days go like this:

  • You spend 3-5 days in digital conversations, which normally consists of a few baseline question and answer sessions, along with a brief trade of generically funny memes.
  • You decide on a date – meaning that one person suggests something, and the other person agrees.
  • It’s time for the date! You’ve spent the last few days creating potential outcomes in your head based on the small amount of judgment you could conjure up via social media stalking. You’re excited to really get to know the person, but they picked a restaurant with a genre of food you don’t really like, so you awkwardly order more drinks to satisfy your hunger.
  • You talk about work, your friends, and even some shared hobbies. You end the night on good terms – maybe you’ll go out again, maybe you won’t – but overall, you’re tired and hungry and ready to get back on the app to start messaging a new match. Que a repeat cycle.

Our App

Does this sound familiar? We think we have created a perfect world solution for this nasty cycle. What better way to jump into the dating scene than through a platform that allows you to take control of your dating life? You set the details of your date, and immediately start matching with others interested in the same activities. You choose activities that sound fun to you, and you choose a person to share that date with from a group of interested matches.

So now, your dates go more like this:

  • You log into It’s a Date and browse through a variety of featured and custom dates, before choosing the perfect one for you. This time around, it’s a movie night at Chinatown Park!
  • You log back into It’s a Date a few hours later to see three movie-loving matches who are interested in your date! After viewing their profiles, you select a match to go on the date with and connect with them through a messenger.
  • After briefly trading date details with the match, you start to get excited to meet them.
  • The date turns out to not only be a fun night, but you and the match also have a lot in common and plan for a second date to see that new release this Friday!

See how easy that was? As soon as you join our community, you’re not only part of a network of singles in your area – you also become part of a network of ideas. Search through some of our pre-generated dates (tested to guarantee a good time) or create your own date!

When you start off with the perfect date, the rest comes easy. This is why the world needs another dating app. We remove the distractions caused by dating anxiety and make every date exciting. Forget the pre-date texting - get out there and share the moment! Ice skating in Georgetown, meeting up at an intimate concert, sharing some AR cocktails in an art gallery, or even throwing together a picnic on the National Mall – no matter your preference, It’s a Date.

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